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Join the Gahr High PTSA and be part of the community.

As a member of the Gahr PTSA, you are able to interact with other members, share ideas and take part in PTSA decision-making. The PTSA helps members connect to the school, its staff, the students and their parents. Becoming a member does not mean you have to attend every meeting or volunteer, but we would love you to join and share your ideas. Our students benefit from a strong PTSA and becoming a member is the easiest way to participate.

The purpose of the Gahr PTSA is to provide support to the Parents, Students, and Staff of Gahr High School.  Gahr PTSA:

  • Holds monthly PTSA meetings that have a different topic each month.  You can find all of the details of our scheduled meetings HERE.  They are held on the 4th Tuesday each month in the Gahr Library from 6-7 p.m.

  • Provides our PTSA members emails that contain useful information.  We send one each Sunday with a calendar of weekly events as well as school updates, meeting information, sports updates and more.  

  • Coordinate Parent Volunteers for Gahr High activities

  • Becoming a member shows your child that you support him/her and their school.

  • Receive Community and Corporate discounts: When you activate your membership card online, you will have access to free coupons, discounts, and other types of cost savings from various vendors. Go to  to view your membership perks.


Your membership, donations and fundraiser contributions support:

  • Senior Breakfast

  • Senior Scholarships*

  • Reflections Program

  • Staff Appreciation

  • School Program Support

  • Honorary Service Awards 

Your annual membership is $15 per member. $5.25 of membership dues are passed on to support the activities of the ABC Council PTA, and the California and National PTA organizations. The rest remains with the Gahr PTSA to further its goals and objectives.

The PTSA offers scholarships to seniors (*senior student must be a member to apply) every year to help them with financing the next step in their futures.


All donations are greatly appreciated and every dollar donated goes directly to the students at Gahr High School and all donations are tax deductible.


This is the easiest and most efficient of all fundraising appeals, with no overhead.  Our recommended donation is $50 per family, but any amount is appreciated.


For your convenience, secure online donations can be made by credit card or Visa/Mastercard debit card by clicking the donate button below.  It will direct you to Gahr High PTSA Web Store. You may donate any amount.

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